Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tower houses - Case Torre

Recently  I have been exploring the  lower Apennine foothills.
Here are some photo’s of my latest wanderings.

One of the defining features of this zone is the presence of fortified farm houses known as “Case Torre”. Each hamlet usually has one or two.

The first walk was from Viano (RE) to the castle of Viano. The first point of interest is a “Casa torre”  or Tower house. The walk ended at the castle which is being restored.

Casa Torre. S. Polo, Viano
Window with Lombard symbol.S. Polo, Viano
Viano Castle
Viano Castle

The second walk  I did was to go from Vedriano(RE) to Pietra Nera. These are two medieval “borghi”. Each has its own tower house.

Pietra Nera

Who did the structural engineering?

Casa Torre. Pietra Nera

Pietra Nera


At the  end  of Pietra Nera is a balsalt volcanic outcrop which gives the hamlet its name.
Pietra Nera

On the way back home I stopped at Borzano.


Medieval good luck charm

Bad weather coming in from Liguria

Whilst wasting time at lunchtime the other day ( I get a two hour lunch break !)  I took some photo’s near Canossa(RE).   


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