Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Valle Dell Inferno - Hell Valley

The Valle dell Inferno ( Hell Valley) on the border between the province of Reggio Emilia and Tuscany is a good name for this walk. From Cerreto Pass one climbs 600meters up to Monte la Nuda, with the last 200M at 45°. It takes (or should take) about one and three quarters of an hour from the car park.
The Gendarme and La Spezia from Monte La Nuda, RE

It was a fantastic day, but when I got to the top the wind was incredibly strong . It was worthwhile just for the view towards La Spezia  and the sea beyond.

Valle dell Inferno, ( Hell Valley) Sassalbo, MS 

Valle dell Inferno, Sassalbo, MS 

Valle dell Inferno, Sassalbo, MS 

Looking down the valley. Valle dell Inferno, Sassalbo, MS 

Cima Belfiore, RE

La Borra Grande, MS

Path 00 Monte La Nuda , RE

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