Sunday, December 4, 2016

Back in the UK

I was back in the UK for a short very visit. It was nice to have an afternoon in London to wander along the Thames and then through Soho.

London is as vibrant as ever and almost overwhelming coming from a quiet town like Reggio Emilia. It was nice that a few of my favourite places still exist. I had a good pint in the Ship and Shovel which remains a proper drinking establishment. This was a favourite when I worked in Whitehall. Had coffee at the Photographers Gallery and at the same time saw some cutting-edge photography.

An afternoon is just too little time in London. Must get back for a short holiday    

My next stop was Bath. The weather made sure I had little time to do any photography. Also, the splendid Georgian architecture is almost impossible to photograph without cars and things ruining the atmosphere.


Bath which I consider my home town has changed out of all recognition. I walked into town and the first thing that struck me is one hardly hears a Somerset accent. Everything has become all so upmarket. Houses in what was once Bath’s “worst” street now sell for 600,000!  I searched in vain for a proper pub. Bath’s most notorious pub in my day is now a trendy wine bar. Progress I suppose.

The time went all too quickly and I will try to choose a dryer period to return.

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